Transportation Management Systems

Transportation Management System

At CDS, we understand that integration with transportation companies and services is critical to assuring accurate and timely replenishment and shipment activity for product. Using Electronic Data Interchange, we ensure seamless integrations with a variety of Transportation Management Systems. CDS Transportation Management Systems offer a wide array capabilities in this area including:

  • Advance Shipment NotificationsElectronic Data Interchange (EDI) provides for advance shipment notifications containing detailed order structure to streamline receiving and shipping activities
  • Load Planning and Management – Both inbound and outbound orders can be grouped into trailer loads to accommodate delivery needs, and loads can be loaded and unloaded in particular ways to optimize trailer capacity and weight distribution
  • Yard Management – CDS utilizes its systems capabilities to track trailer inventory in yards adjacent to the distribution center facility
  • Transportation Management System Integration – CDS can use EDI to integrate with various transportation management systems or direct carrier systems to tender and re-tender loads and transmit and receive appointment times and statuses
  • Carrier Notifications – Notifications can be sent via EDI or automated reporting directly to carriers containing shipment information