A Clear Focus on Workplace Safety


Did you know that each year, more than 2 million workers are injured severely enough on the job that they cannot return to work and need ongoing medical care? Whether you are an employer, manager, or employee, it’s everyone’s job to take an active role in preventing workplace accidents.
Follow these 4 best practices to help prevent accidents in your warehouse operation.


ONE The right protective gear is crucial to prevent injury, and may include:
• Bright-colored vests with reflective tape
• Safety goggles and face protection for handling hazardous materials
• Proper footwear to protect the feet around heavy objects
• Ear plugs to protect against hearing damage in a noisy workplace

TWO A spotless, well-lit and well laid-out environment eliminates workplace hazards. Good housekeeping includes taking care of any slip-and-fall hazards as soon as they arise and removing extra waste and fire hazards immediately. In addition, the layout of your work environment should be regularly assessed to make sure aisles are easy to navigate and storage is adequate.

THREE Forklift trucks are an essential tool of most warehouse operations. Unfortunately, they also present a significant hazard. Forklift-involved injuries can be severe or fatal because forklifts are heavy and powerful pieces of equipment. An inspection must be completed on all industrial powered trucks prior to being operated and repairs should be made as soon as possible.

FOUR Rigorous and regular training is crucial. Employees should be educated on the proper protocols for handling, storing, and transporting hazardous materials. Managers should instruct technicians on how to recognize and avoid unsafe conditions in order to prevent exposure to injury or illness.

Customized Distribution Services, Inc. is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our employees, clients, staff, and visitors. Safety excellence is the business and responsibility of every Customized Distribution Services, Inc. team member and is achieved through proper education, training, engineering, use of protective equipment, and a high level audit system. The responsibility begins at the working level and extends upward through supervisors, managers, and the highest level of leadership. It is a job requirement that each team member takes an active part in initiating preventative measure to control and eliminate hazards associated with activities under their control or direction.

To achieve this goal, Customized Distribution Services, Inc. utilizes a comprehensive Safety, Health & Environmental (S.H.E.) Process. Our Corporate Safety Officer, along with the leadership provided by local General Managers, is responsible for effective S.H.E. process execution. The results however, are a testament to the commitment by employees at every level of the CDS team taking ownership of safety performance.

Focus on Safety-it’s one more example of CDS Logistics delivering EXCELLENCE IN EVERY CASE®.

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