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Customized Distribution Services, Inc. (CDS) is one of the top 3PL companies in the country and provides advanced logistics capabilities, processes, and solutions via a national network of modern distribution centers managed to precise safety and operational standards. Every CDS distribution center blends a sophisticated radio-frequency warehouse management system, a skilled workforce, and refined tracking and management processes to produce extremely high inventory accuracy rates and client satisfaction levels.

Highlights of our systems and services include:

  • Sophisticated operational processes that enable us to receive, store, and ship products with delivery that is on time, damage free, complete, accurate, and properly documented. We also offer value-added capabilities, including variety pack or specialized pallet construction, heat tunnel processing, specialized product storage, and multiple pallet and case labeling options.
  • Highly-responsive support, with the ability to accommodate volume and inventory fluctuations with flexible labor, equipment, and space options. You also benefit from flexible customer service options, such as transportation management, order management, yard management and specialized reporting.
  • Robust IT-driven functionality, such as advanced product allocation and hold methods, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and web-based access to inventory information.

CDS offers different types of contractual relationships, terms and structures depending on your needs, all of which offer the benefit of a more thorough supply chain integration and the option of resolving more immediate logistic issues in your organization.

Our Mission: To deliver world-class supply chain management solutions to our business partners by creating a work environment that fosters challenges and provides quality services beyond the expectations of our customers and our customers’ customers; developing a spirit of teamwork and cooperation in our day-to-day operations; seizing opportunities that demonstrate excellence in execution and green initiatives, providing our customers with a competitive advantage.

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