CDS has embarked on a mission of strategic renewal with the goal of defining a business strategy that would result in Customized Distribution Services, Inc., achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Our mission is focused upon delivering business excellence to our clients by providing high-quality services and customer responsiveness.   In line with our strategic work, we have designed a logo that reflects our organizational mission and embodies the vision of the organization:

The logo features our name in a bold new format with the tagline, “Excellence in Every Case®.”  This phrase captures the organizational focus we must have in order to deliver best-in-class quality service to our clients and their customers.


Our logo also features a graphic element centered upon a case of product, the primary unit of measure that we handle for our clients.  The case is surrounded by three arrows, signifying the velocity of cases moving through our warehouse and key features of the CDS organization:

  • Customization Capabilities – Our company name captures our commitment to tailoring our services and capabilities to our clients’ needs. With infrastructure, processes, and technologies designed to be highly flexible, we can quickly and effectively anticipate and respond to our clients’ changing needs.
  • Dedicated Personalized Service – The CDS leadership team is highly engaged in serving our customers, resulting in a level of focus and attention that uniquely complements the size and scope of our operations.
  • Scale and Sophistication – CDS offers the scale and sophistication of a large, national provider. We operate 11 best-in-class distribution centers and offer a robust IT infrastructure and suite of solutions that we use to drive operational results and continuous improvement.

The color choices within our logo also have important meaning.  The green represents our commitment to sustainability.  Orange is a prominent color for safety, a critical factor to our success.  In addition, orange is a highly visible color and represents our clients’ convenient visibility (transparency) into our management process.  Blue has long been associated with our CDS name and reflects the depth and experience of our organization.

Our logo is designed to provide not only an identity for our organization, but also a vision for our future.  It is a vision where we are a seamless part of our customers’ supply chains with a clear, no-surprises approach to doing business; delivering EXCELLENCE IN EVERY CASE®.