CDS Sustainability


At CDS, sustainability is part and parcel of our ethical and responsible approach to doing business. We live our values through:

  • Our program for measuring and reducing your carbon footprint
  • Our commitment to reducing, reusing and recycling materials whenever possible
  • Our involvement in a variety of community initiatives

We incorporate environmental considerations as fundamental goals in both our distribution centers and technology. Our physical projects and processes that support our green initiatives include:

  • Going virtual by replacing older servers with virtualized equivalents
  • Prolonging product lifespan of computing hardware to minimize the ecological footprint costs of manufacturing – done through hardware upgrades and offloading processing to terminal servers
  • Reducing computing power resource by adjusting local power policies to reduce power draw, eliminating power hungry hardware like CRTs, deploying less power-hungry components such as video cards, and introducing power-friendly components like power supplies with green capabilities
  • Managing documents more efficiently by streamlining procedures and reducing paperwork through the addition of a document management system
  • Reducing paperwork through the introduction of the document management system and more intelligent reports
  • Participating in product recycling and disposal programs