Systems Customization


CDS strives to always provide customers with the highest quality of care. We are able to do this by using the most efficient processes and up-to-date systems, including:

  • Reporting Customization – Apart from standardized reports, CDS provides many customizations of reports in terms of content, output format, and method of delivery.
  • SKU and Batch Reference and Formatting – CDS can maintain multiple references for each SKU – many of our clients appreciate the capability to manage both system shorthand and other industry formats such as GTIN, SSCC-18 and GS1-128 for the same SKU. We can even maintain specific SKU references used by one or more consignees to make the paperwork understandable for your clients. Additionally, the CDS batch code system can accommodate numerous date code formats – from standard year-month-date to Julian dates to specialized formats.
  • Product Holds – CDS offers clients both a standardized and customizable set of hold types to provide for flexibility in how the product is managed. Standardized holds include incubation, quality, and consumer shelf life. Customized holds can be put into place for specialized marketing programs or promotions, specific consignee needs, or any other specific client need.
  • Age Hold Automation – Holds dealing with product age – incubation, warehouse shelf life, and consumer shelf life – can be automated against specific requirements.
  • Order Hold Triggers –CDS can customize triggers that will prevent order shipment. For example, particular products may not be allowed to ship to certain consignees – the presence of such a product would trigger an order hold that prevents shipment in the warehouse management systems and any order documentation from printing. Lack of specific order data is also a common reason for order hold triggers.