Order Management


Our processes are configured to ensure that your customers can expect to receive the orders they place in an accurate, timely, and efficient manner. CDS always goes to great lengths to ensure impeccable customer service.


We are fully capable of receiving customer orders through a variety of traditional means –email, fax, telephone – as well as state-of-the-art Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or other automated transactions. This is the preferred method for submitting, changing, and cancelling orders because it allows all parties and their respective systems to interact most seamlessly and efficiently. Our highly adaptable Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) platform is fully configurable to interact with all types of customer systems. Regardless of our technological prowess, however, CDS never forgets the human element in any transaction. CDS’ customer service group will work closely with client representatives during this phase and every phase to make sure orders are received and processed quickly and correctly.


CDS customer service professionals will work with your team to ensure that your order is delivered to the appropriate consignee in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. This includes exploring all appropriate avenues for consolidating multiple orders into one shipment.


Product can be allocated to orders using any variety of customer-specific criteria: including date (FIFO, LIFO), condition checks (hold, good, etc.). It is during the allocation process that CDS systems determine product availability and communicate any shortages to the appropriate customer service representative before allocation is finalized.


To reduce delays and order shortages product substitutions can either be automated given customer-determined parameters or handled manually. CDS will customize a solution for each customer’s need.

Scheduling and Transportation

CDS schedulers are fully capable of interacting with carriers, client transportation representatives, the consignees, or with a Transportation Management System (TMS) to ensure that every order is shipped on time. Our systems provide for a seamless flow of data so that every order is received, processed, and shipped as planned.