Product Configuration


Products come in different shapes and sizes, so warehousing requires flexibility, engineering, and the right people. At CDS, when it comes to configuration, we take into account:

  • Storage and Racking – Certain products can be stacked in locations without any additional support; others may require racks of various sizes and configurations. CDS has a variety of storage methods in its facilities to meet your product requirements. Racks provide more options for dealing with specific stack height and allocation requirements.
  • Space Flexibility and Overflow – Product distribution is typically not maintained at the same rate throughout the year for various reasons: type of product, time of year, weather conditions, inventory cycles, etc. CDS understands this and can offer flexible space configurations based on the needs of the product and the amount of inventory to be maintained. For unanticipated conditions, CDS can source temporary overflow facilities as well.
  • Climate Control – Sensitive products such as alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, among others, may have more demanding climate requirements such as specific temperatures or humidity ranges. A subset of the product currently managed by CDS is climate-controlled, and we would be happy to discuss your requirements in this area.
  • Hazardous Materials – If your product mix includes consumer or industrial goods requiring specialized storage, handling and shipping, CDS has the capabilities to accommodate certain types of hazardous materials.  Please contact our office to discuss your requirements.
  • Security – In addition to building security, particular areas of the distribution center can be more tightly controlled and made accessible only to select personnel. CDS also works with local security companies to increase both building security and provide security for adjacent lots, trailer yards and CDS port locations.