Product Customization and Flexibility


It is often useful to manipulate product before it ships, while it resides with CDS. This can be triggered by sales or marketing requirements, or by a last-minute problem or promotion. CDS has the capabilities to ship your product in the correct state and configuration, including:

  • Pallet Displays – Combining cases of one or more SKUs with “raw materials” such as cardboard, samples, and promotional items can produce items such as end-aisle displays, “variety” pallets, and unique promotional configurations. CDS has the people, systems, and procedures needed to build these displays and maintain these new SKUs (along with associated classification information such as batch codes and pallet configuration).
  • Kitting and Repacking – Case-level items mix ‘eaches’ of one or more SKUs with “raw materials” to produce a unique “case SKU” (an example might be a mixture of product flavors meant as a specialty item for a particular retailer). As with pallet displays, CDS is adept at the manufacture of these items and their associated handling.
  • Assembly – CDS can perform product assembly to produce an end-result SKU – such as assembling chair components to produce a chair.