Quality Inspection


CDS offers services designed to maintain a product’s quality.

  • Inspection – CDS offers an array of services focused upon post-production quality inspection and, if required, correction. CDS teams have experience inspecting inventory for production defects including scuffing, leaking, label orientation, graphical errors, and other issues that need to be resolved before shipment. Corrective actions include: relabeling, sortation and repackaging, stickering, impoundment, and disposition administration.
  • Labeling – Product can be labeled (or re-labeled) to meet particular needs:  promotions, selling guidelines for the destination consignee or locality, or correcting a label error in the manufacturing process.  Whatever the cause, CDS offers specialized services to make sure your product can ship on time.
  • Hazardous Materials – CDS can apply the appropriate Hazmat procedures to a product to ensure its safe handling and shipment.
  • Disposition – Product that has expired or is otherwise unable to be sold or donated can be disposed of through coordination with dump and disposal facilities that strictly adhere to local laws and environmental regulations.