Top-of-the-Line Equipment


Whatever the need, CDS has the most up-to-date and efficient equipment to handle it. CDS uses many types of specialized equipment in its facilities to get the job done right, including forklifts, heat tunnels, palletizers and radio frequency terminals. And any material handling equipment purchased by CDS uses electric motor systems so as to reduce emissions. All scanning and computer equipment is selected with the intent of ensuring operational efficiencies and waste reduction.


CDS’s fleet is designed to be earth friendly and configurable to meet the varied needs of our customers and includes walkie-riders, sit-downs with attachments (single/double, clamps, and slip sheet), high-reach trucks, stand-ups, and layer-pickers. We are committed to acquiring and deploying the right mix of equipment for each of our diverse customers. CDS has a rigorous in-house forklift inspection and maintenance program. All equipment is maintained to a comprehensive schedule and any service issues are immediately addressed. All CDS forklift operators must complete an intensive three-week forklift safety certification curriculum before handling any product independently. This training promotes product integrity throughout its lifetime at CDS.

Radio-Frequency Terminals

CDS material-handling equipment incorporates radio-frequency (RF) terminals and scanners to allow for data input and retrieval on the warehouse floor. Handheld terminal/scanners are also deployed in situations where forklifts are not required.

Product Handling

CDS deploys and uses a wide variety of warehouse equipment on a daily basis to maintain distribution center inventory. Forklifts of various types, stand-up lifts, and other types of equipment are used to directly touch product and keep it in undamaged condition.

Palletization and Stretch Wrapping

Palletizers and stretch wrappers are available in certain CDS facilities to assist with product construction. Additionally, stretch wrapping equipment helps to keep pallets stable once they are built. CDS will ensure that customer product is securely packaged prior to shipment.

R-Pack Technology & Heat Tunnels

R-Pack Technology is used in the kitting or repacking process to create a finished SKU. CDS works with your team to guarantee the delivery of a quality product – just one more step in our efforts to provide comprehensive solutions to your supply chains.

A heat tunnel creates a finished-good product by using heat to affix plastic film tightly to product; the tunnel can also be used to place SKU, date code, and other information to the sides of product. CDS deploys heat tunnels in the kitting process to create a finished SKU.

System Terminals

CDS’ inventory management system uses rugged radio-frequency terminals to convey information to and from the warehouse floor. These terminals are a common sight in CDS distribution centers as they are securely fastened to material handling equipment such as forklifts and stand-ups.