Yard Management

Yard Management

CDS provides systems and processes to manage the flow of trailers within its managed yards. The Yard Management System provides the following benefits.

Trailer Activity Recording

From the moment a trailer enters a CDS yard to the moment it leaves, the trailer’s movements through the yard and dock areas are recorded along with timing information and related order information if applicable. RF activity from the CDS Warehouse Management System is used to automatically move and verify trailers through door locations.

Trailer Inventory

The state of the yard – what trailers are where and for how long – can be determined at a glance given the real-time recording of yard information. Additionally, the radio-frequency network used for the CDS Warehouse Management System is also used as a quick way to inventory the trailers in the yard.

 Product Inventory

The inbound trailers in the yard may contain product needed to fulfill outbound orders in the CDS Warehouse Management System. This means that trailers can be prioritized for unloading based on inventory – effectively extending inventory availability to the yard and reducing the potential for order shortages.

Preloading Trailers

Information relative to the availability of empty trailers for preloading outbound shipments is conveniently available and the ability to direct trailer moves to the yard spotter via RF greatly enhances the speed with which trailer moves are accomplished.

Carrier and Trailer Analysis

The volume of data accumulated by Yard Management offers a good deal of possibility for analysis of trailer flow within the CDS facility as well as statistics related to carrier performance. All of this data is useful to determine future processes and order assignment.