Commitment to Safety, Health & Environmental


At CDS Safety, Health & Environmental concerns transcend all others.  Our SHE audit process involves every level in the organization, including the President & CEO.  Our world-class SHE process includes a continuous cycle of assessment and planning, training for management and frontline employees, and the assignment of roles and responsibilities.

CDS takes great pride in health and safety management as well as  operating clean and safe distribution centers. Our tenacious focus on maintaining a spotless, well-lit and well laid-out work environment is the first step in eliminating workplace hazards. We maintain a strict housekeeping schedule at all facilities.

Employee education is also vitally important to ensuring warehouse safety in the workplace. We invest significant resources in employee safety training and development.

Where applicable, employees are also educated on the proper protocols for storing, handling, and transporting hazardous materials. It is our belief that employees who are properly educated will more readily take ownership for their safety, their colleagues’ safety, and the safety of the community.