Corporate Culture


As a privately-held corporation, CDS is able to run a disciplined business that manages to a core set of guiding values.  These are:

  • Integrity – We will make all decisions in an ethical and responsible manner that respects the needs of all stakeholders
  • Safety – We will foster a work environment that is clean and safe at all times.  We will comply with all regulatory agency requirements and work to eliminate all workplace hazards
  • Service – We will deliver on our promise to provide efficient and effective solutions to our clients’ logistics needs in a responsible manner
  • Growth – We will seek out new business opportunities and work to increase stakeholder value
  • Lean Warehousing – We are driven towards eliminating waste, streamlining processes and optimizing efficiencies.  By implementing the principles of 5S (Sorting, Setting in Order, Systematic Cleaning, Standardizing and Sustaining), we are committing ourselves to lean thinking.

CDS supports and respects the protection of internationally declared human rights and ensures that we are not complicit in human rights violations of any kind.  We work to only enter into business relationships with entities that share our commitment to these principles and are fully cognizant of our responsibility to lead by example on this front.

CDS supports transparency in all business transactions in an effort to eliminate corruption in all its forms within our sphere of control.