Pick & Pack Fulfillment

Pick & Pack fulfillment services by CDS Logistics

Order Fulfillment Made Easy

Is your growing business overwhelmed with the amount of work involved in getting your product from place to place? Put your trust in CDS, a 3PL partner who can outsource your warehouse storage and pick, pack, and ship your goods without lifting a finger. Our efficient pick and pack process is essential to seamless order fulfillment and ensures order accuracy.

Our Pick and Pack Process

Our warehouse management systems (WMS) guides the CDS pick and pack process, offering instant access to inventory activity and allowing our teams to optimize pick and pack management so we can save clients time and money. This technology tracks inventory at accuracy rates exceeding 99.7%. We’re more than equipped to ensure packing process accuracy before shipping.

Our exceptional pick and pack services also extend to product preparation. Shrink wrapping and registered film, heat tunnel processing, custom labeling and truck airbags are all available to put the finishing touches on your products to reach end users in perfect condition.

E-commerce Industries We Serve

We serve a range of industries that require customized e-commerce fulfillment services, including Appliances, Flooring, Outdoor Furniture and Consumer Goods.

Working with CDS

We pride ourselves on our sophisticated operational processes, highly responsive customer support, and robust IT-driven functionalities. CDS has the knowledge and resources it takes to understand your business needs and deliver customized solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

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