CDS Facilities

All CDS facilities are built and maintained with one thing in mind:  effective product distribution.  They are second-to-none in terms of warehouse configuration and racking, the utilization of advanced equipment for product handling, technology to move the product along, and daily maintenance to keep the whole operation clean and efficient.  We are proud of our facilities and believe they will serve your product well in addition to offering first class distribution and warehousing services.

Our locations pages display our current sites in CA, IL, PA, NJ, IN, and OK. Typically, we are close to major area highways for easy access – but as a nationwide provider, we can handle your product just about anywhere within the continental United States.

CDS facilities are registered with the FDA and have obtained Superior ratings from AIB for food storage and Superior ratings from Environmental Resource Management.


First things first: where a distribution center is located determines most everything else about how, when, and where product is to be distributed. Given this, location is paramount when selecting a company for your product distribution needs.

Highway Access – All current CDS facilities are near major roads and interstates. In most cases, facilities are near a confluence of highways, which offer many distribution and carrier routing options.

Major Market Proximity – A distribution center should be close to your distribution end points, but not too close to any specific end point. CDS facilities are all located nearby major markets such as Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and New York City, but they are not within city limits, thus providing convenient access to those markets, their complete surrounding districts, and nearby cities and states.

Business-Friendly Jurisdictions – CDS distribution and warehousing management services seek to establish strong business and government relationships in the towns, counties, and states where we do business. These relationships help to resolve issues which could impact the distribution process.